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As the days slowly go by

I am just me and only me ♥

♥ Allie Babie ♥
6 November
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The 411 about Me
[Location] Hell-aka-Michigan
[Statz] straight pimpin boo
[Hobbiez] Shoppin-Drinkin-Drivin-Chillin-Partyin
[Favoritez] pink-tiffanys-vodka-coach-purple-louis vuitton-mint green

I am a fun loving kinda girl. I love to party and usually things have to be my way or the highway. I drive a a hott car cuz it has decals on the doors and I drive like a boy =) Shopping is my passion, I shop like its my job. I love designer brands such as Juicy Couture, Guess, and Burberry. Don't hate me cuz I have my own Tiffany & Co. sales lady. I go to Eastern Michigan University where well I'm kinda a big deal. Anything else, just ask =)

Tropical Drinks are love!

Hip Hop is love

I move back to EMU August 25 thankfully =)

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